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Slim paged Success or Scams?

While browsing for ways to make money online, we've all encountered at least 10 different kinds of these slim full-page ads for making money online. You know, like this dude right here

Ty Coughlin, the millionaire beach bum.

He says something about a reverse funnel system, and... well, judging by the similar design and format of his website, looks to be one of those..

"make money by charging people $50 dollars to learn how to make a lot of money simply by charging people $50 dollars to learn how to make money...."

I know that sounds really confusing, but I've seen a lot of these before and have actually bought into it one time. It was around the beginning of the year 2006. While I was searching through craigslist for a work at home job at time since transportation was short, I came across a job listing.

"Data Entry Job! work from home, make your own hours! $15-$20 for every processed order"

Hmmz, that sounds interesting. I went ahead and clicked the job, contacted the poster and ask her to send me the materials for the job. Well, silly me, the "training materials" cost me $10. It was a short amount, so I didn't mind the fee, went ahead and ordered it. About a week later my "materials" arrive in the mail. It turned out to be a measly stylish green floppy disk in an envelope. In my mind I thought, well maybe it's a software that needs to be downloaded. I proceeded to pop the disk in and read through the documents supplied on this disk. To my surprise, it was a file full of ads, catchy phrases and articles for you to use to sell this very same disk!

Well, I have to admit that was pretty clever. It sure got me to give up $10 dollars for something I had absolutely no knowledge of what I would be "processing". However, is that really a legitimate service? It's not the only money making scheme that I've seen. Those slim pages with recorded audio of an intro, with testimonials in a box, video testimonials, they all do the same thing!

Do you want the truth as to whether these programs actually make you money? Of course they do... because it draws people like us right into their den with convincing stories of success, and guarantees the same success and full access to their materials for a small fee of "$999!" No wonder these guys make thousands of dollars a month! We're broke to begin with buddy, do you really think we've got one-thousand dollars to spare to a program that doesn't even sell an actual product!

Well for your convenience, if you want to take a stab at these programs, I've put together a list for you and the prices of each, it's your choice whether to venture in that direction. As for me, I think I'll just keep looking.

Making You Richer Price : $ 69.95
Actually this program seems very credible. The package they offer actually sets up a domain name and 12 month of hosting for you, with the e-Book and access to membership section.

The Cash Flow Insider
I'm actually not sure how much this one costs.

Roadmap To Riches Price: $999
Now this one definitely got me excited until I arrived at the finish line and saw the whopping cost of $999. Of course when you charge that much for an infinite-loop of information, you only need to make about 1 sale a day.

Project Payday Price: $34.95
Honestly, don't waste your money on this garbage. They don't lie, because they do offer something different than the ones mentioned above. However, they basically make you pay for information you could have found out on your on with Google searching. If you know how to use a forum, you'll be able to "master" the art of project payday. Basically what you do is go on a forum such as and trade sponsorship sign ups for money via paypal. I tossed that idea to the side because I would rather NOT give my personal info and credit card information to a numerous amount of companies for $20. Can you imagine being signed up to about 10 different trial programs? Heaven forbid you forget your membership to one of these companies and they continue to charge you after trial is up.

I'll be searching for more money making ordeals just like these and add them to the list as time goes on.



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