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Entrecard, bloggers gold

What's this new thing that all bloggers are raving about? Entrecard is a brand new way for bloggers to not only network with other bloggers from their specific criteria, but to also get a chance to be advertised on extremely popular blogs. I recently joined up with Entrecard last night and found my self actually having fun dropping cards on all the blogs I could get my hands on.

The way Entrecard works is on a system of credits. You gain credits by dropping off cards on other blogs, as well as receiving cards from other bloggers. Then you can use those credits you've earned to advertise your entrecard for a full 24hrs on a bloggers page by browsing through the "campaign" section. Credits are then also earned by bloggers who want to advertise on your blog as well. It's never ending cycle of you collecting and spending credits on traffic to your blog! Everybody wins!

I haven't purchased any advertisements yet in terms of getting traffic from other bloggers, but I feel Entrecard is a great outsource tool towards finding other bloggers who blog about similar things as you.

I give Entrecard a 10/10 for its easy navigation, ease of use, and delivering fast results.


Thanks for creating a VERY useful tool for new bloggers to get their feet out the door!



March 5, 2010 at 11:37 PM

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