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Understanding the Universal Laws

I know that I've mentioned the laws of attraction before, but there is just so much more to it that I couldn't just leave it at one simple definition.

I guess you could say when it comes to prosperity and becoming a successful entrepreneur, I look at it from a completely different angle than most. Of course everything great comes from a great amount of hard work, but your hard work will go in vain if your mind isn't in the right place. What would be the point of hoping, praying and wishing you could become extremely wealthy, while on the other hand you constantly worry about not being able to pay your bills, and seem to always plan for the worse.

The Universe is like a genie in a bottle that literally works by "Your wish is my command". It doesn't need you to use a big megaphone to shout out to the clouds what you want. You tell the universe what you want with your mind and by how you think.

All of our minds are connected through a part of mind called Universal Mind and every time you have a thought, mind wave energy is emitted and sent out. (Ever spontaneously started singing a random song that someone right next to you was singing in their head? I have!) Therefore, our thought wave reaches through out the universe.

The Law of Attraction is sometimes called the Law of Compatibility because the attraction is based upon compatible desires and needs. When we create a visualized thought form, which reaches out into universal mind, other people are also forming similar thought forms, which are compatible to ours. Through the magnetic principle of attraction of the subconscious mind, these compatible desires and needs meet. We are drawn into each other's creations through compatible (like) desires and needs. This "like attracts like" action is an expression of the Law of Attraction.

-Terryl Nemeth

"I'd rather be safe than sorry"

"I don't know that I'll be able to pay the bills this month."

"I'm so broke, I can't afford that"

"My job is so terrible...."

"Everytime I check my mail, it's more debt!"

"I would love a new car, but I just don't have enough money!"

That is the "safe" mind set that a lot of people stay in. Why is it for some reason, it relieves us to think such negative thoughts? It's because being realistic is all we know how to do! We'd rather plan for the worst, wallow in our misery and all the negative things in our lives than to see our problems as a positive. Unfortunately that is the problem. Hey, I can't blame you. It's hard NOT to think of all the negative things that can happen... but have you ever tried NOT worrying?

I'll give an example for you....

Your bank account is practically empty, you have a mortgage of $2,700 due in one week, and you only have half of the money. You've been late 4 times on payment already, and if you're late again, the bank is going to take your house. So at this point, you are absolutely devastated. You have 3 children to take care of, and aren't really in the position financially to relocate. You worry day and night about how you are going to pay this bill. You keep saying to yourself "we're going to get evicted, we can't pay this bill" and start visualizing you and your family being thrown out on the street. Then you start calling your relatives telling them how much you can't pay this bill and ask your relatives if they would take you and your family in when you get evicted. Well sure enough, when that time rolls by, you have no money to pay, bank says you're outta here.

Now let's handle this situation from a different mindset. You receive the news about your deadline and see that you have absolutely no money in your bank account. Instead of you worrying about all the possible negative outcomes of your tight situation, you put the bill to the side and say "It'll be taken care of, the money will come from somewhere". Your wife looks at you like you're crazy and asks what you're going to do about the money. Instead of planning for the worse, you go about your business and tell your kids to help start putting up the Christmas tree. You then phone all of your friends and remind them that the annual Christmas party is still being held out your house. "It's gonna be fine honey, the money will come". Sure enough, it just so happened that one of the friends you phoned to invite to your Christmas party has been owing you some money for a while now and just got a big enough bonus to pay you off.

Coincidence, or the Universal laws of attraction gone to work?

You see, in mindset #1, more energy was focused towards the negative outcome of not being able to pay your bill. However in mindset #2, the energy was focused more on knowing the bill will get taken care of and you would celebrate at your Christmas party knowing you will keep your house.

Our mind is a very powerful tool, and a very great gift. We've been giving power to literally control and CREATE our OWN reality. People don't want to believe we have the power to control what happens to them because so many bad things happen to them. Don't you realize that 99% of the time you aren't even aware of the thoughts you are thinking???

Have you ever tried NOT worrying? I know I feels safer to plan for the worse, so if it seems too much of a leap, try with something small first. Start turning those negatives into a positive TODAY!

"That diamond necklace is beautiful, I going to get that for my wife"

"We'll pay it off eventually"

"I'm just running a little low, I'll have the money to buy it next week"

"I'll get that promotion soon!"

"Every time I check my mail, it's another check!"

"I need a new car, so I'm going to get that new Lexus Hybrid RX"

Need not worry about how it's going to happen... just know that you want it, and as you thinketh, so shall it be!