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Young Online Entrepreneurs Guild

While doing some browsing on Google for "Making Money Online" I came across a site called My eyes widened and my heart filled with joy as I saw the number of successful entrepreneurs my age, some younger, some older, who make millions a year! I love inspiration like this to know that I'm not alone and that its is possible to accomplish my goal. Michael Dunlop, the owner of, 21 years of age, said a quote that popped out to me.

"....When history is written it seems almost certain that from a business point of view, the first decade of the 21st Century will be remembered best as the Era of The Young Entrepreneur..."

-Michael Dunlop

I couldn't agree more Michael! As soon as I read that, I claimed from this day on I will strive to be one of those Young Entrepreneurs of the first decade of the 21st Century. I definitely think pretty big for someone who hasn't made thousands yet, but everything begins with a thought, does it not? :)

With that being said, I want to start something called the "Young Online Entrepreneurs Guild".

If you are a pursuing young entrepreneur, (ages 30 and down) or have already succeeded in becoming a successful young entrepreneur, email me at with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your age
  • Your web page URL/Blog URL
  • Your income goal / (Or current income if you've already made it)
  • Your mission statement/philosophy/words of wisdom/advice

Only serious pursuing entrepreneurs or already successful entrepreneurs will be added to the guild! I will later set up a permanent website for the guild displaying each members information and success stories. Until then, I've created a virtual pin for members to wear on their "virtual lapel", or in other words a code for you to add on your site. The code will show the YOEG emblem, your name on it, and also a scrolling list of other members also linking to their sites. (Can you say, traffic? *wink*)


Each pin will be personalized to have your name upon approval, so if you would be interested, please feel free to email me at:

I'm looking forward to hearing from you all!

-Ivy Ejam