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Quick Start on Web Traffic

After launching a site that now averages at 2000 visits a day, I've learned a few techniques that I wish I would have done since the site had launched.

Being a complete newbie to internet marketing, I thought setting up the site was the hard part. We all know this is completely false. In terms of SEO and traffic sources here are a few tips I would recommend you keep in mind while developing your site before launch, and what to do after launch.

1. Make sure the title of your web pages relates to the content you are holding on your site. Having a page title that just says your name, yet the site is about making money online doesn't really do much for search engines. It's fine to have your name as the domain name, but make sure you put somewhere in your title what your web content holds.

  • eg. The name of my url is, but the title of my site is "My Endeavor to Online Riches - Making Money Online. That way, search engines will know what to associate my site with.
2. We all know meta tags and descriptions are very important. As I've mentioned in point 1, make sure your tags are relevant to your content. It's important to use popular key words.
It's great to be creative when creating your own unique site and style, however when it comes to keywords, stick to something simple and to the point like...
  • "low priced hardware" - instead of - "cheap cool stuff".
3. Site submission! Submit your websites to all the search engines you can! Traffic from search engines will become your best friend!

4. Targeted traffic is your best friend. This is depending on whether your site is for everyone or for a specific interested group of people. For example, a site for video upload would be for everyone. However, a site with many articles and tutorials for programs such as Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc, would be for freelancers, graphic designers, web developers, and so on.

5. Now that you know who to target, where to go? I will tell you right now that your competitors are your best friends. Try emailing some of your competitors in attempt to exchange links. It doesn't hurt to ask. Some people feel that since they have many other sites that compete with their site, that it would be best to stay away from them as not to lose their current visitors. When in actuality it is the exact opposite. Not only is Link-Exchange SEO-Candy, it also exposes your site to targeted traffic!

6. A great way to start bringing reoccurring traffic to your site is by doing some manual posting on some forums, blogs, and popular social communities. When we first launched our site in August, we got our first initial 1000 visits in one day purely by spamming the top 4 videos on As "evil" as it sounds, it works! However spamming is never a great source of reoccurring traffic and only lasts for a season. Sooner or later your posts will get deleted, so it's best to stick to promoting your sites on other relevant communities like forums and blogs.

7. When writing an article or a blog, don't get lazy when referring your readers to a website. It's best to type out the WHOLE url starting from HTTP. From personal experience and accordinig to google analytics, my website gets the most keyword traffic from users actually searching for a different website. We actually show up on the first page! :D hehe.

After I re-edited my website for SEO, check out the results!



I hope with these tips you too will be able to achieve great traffic for your websites.

-Ivy Ejam