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How do they make big bucks online?

Day 2 : Physical Preparation
Knowledge is POWER!

Well, it's day two and I'm actually very excited to start learning more and more about how I can make money online from the Young Entrepreneur Guru's themselves! Now don't get me wrong, this isn't actually the first day that I've been reading up on this stuff, I've been looking for ways to make money online since I was 17, I just having been looking for a way to make reoccurring income.

I've tried the paid surveys, the pay per read emails, the "get paid to check out our sponsors" and so on and so forth... I can say I fairly made around like... $50 in total over the course of... MONTHS?! Chicken change as my father would call it. Not worth it. I would say those kinds of "making money online" ordeals are for people who aren't really creative or determined enough to go beyond that. Or actually, those who lack the knowledge of what's really going on behind the scenes.

Here's how I see things such as "Paid Surveys" vs the big guys who are paying you for those surveys.


  • Receive paid surveys according to the criteria that the survey requires.
  • Spend about 15-20 minutes reading through and answering questions.
  • Receive $2-$8 for your time and answers
Hmmz.... 2-8 dollars every 15 minutes they say? Sounds like a good income right? WRONG!
I've actually signed up for , do they pay you? Yes of course they do, but they don't really mention how they'll send you maybe about 10 surveys over the course of 1 year.

  • Receive requests from sponsors and big companies that need quality assurance and feedback for their soon to be launched products. This includes maybe about 200-1000 potential customers from all different types of criteria. (young, old, different races, different annual income etc)
  • Providers then send out the required amount of surveys to the members who filled out their information, also sending the survey to the specific criteria.
  • Sponsors then pay the Providers $20-$60 each upon completion of each survey.
Now tell me, why would Providers mind to give you a measly $5 when they probably made $20 dollars off of you?

Who do you want to be? The "You" or the "Provider"?

I think I want to be the provider. :) That my friend, is the beautiful brain and tactics behind these Entrepreneurs, and which is also the same tactics I hope to achieve when I start making my first 5 figures next year.

So what am I doing to physically prepare today? Reading testimonials, getting inspiration, and BRAINSTORMING. No good idea comes from having just ONE idea. It's great to have many different ideas on your plate. However, just because you have a lot of good ideas doesn't mean you should pursue them all at once. Pick out the best. One that you're pretty sure will get you off the ground, then focus on that one alone. Unless you're great at shuffling a ton of different projects at once, then by all means, go for it. In my opinion, I would focus on one first before tackling another.

I thought I should just make mention that I am in no way a business expert. I've actually been studying to go to nursing school for the past year... until I figured that it wasn't really for me. I couldn't really picture my self in that career setting AT ALL. A job where I never really would have been able to use my creativity on the job. I mean, can you imagine me trying to be "creative" with a patient?

"Well your arm is swelling, and looks extremely red. However, instead of giving you hydrocortisone, let's try crushed cough-drops with gravy instead! Maybe it'll give your arm some sort of amoeba's reaction causing the swelling to drop instantly!"

Without a doubt I'd be fired. Even though I'm no business major, I have been doing web and graphic design since the age of 15. As it happened, the knowledge I received of web developing all came from reading articles and tutorials online. There's probably nothing you can't learn online, and once you start to realize that this knowledge can be obtained at the tips of your fingers, you're one step closer to your goal!