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Live 2.0: My Endeavor to Riches

The most wonderful part about living in the 21st century isn't just the wonderful technology that we have upon us, but the evolution of the online world. You can find almost anything online now adays. From an awesome deal on a new product, to friends you haven't seen in ages. You can find work at home jobs, and even start some business of your own. And why? It's because the internet is a breeding ground for FULL BLOWN MARKETING! Yes you heard it here first ladies and gentlemen. Now that people practically LIVE on the internet, why not turn their heads left and right a few times while they're browsing on Myspace, or checking their emails, or reading a blog, watching a video on youtube, or searching for more ways to get rich quicker... ONLINE!

Okay so where am I going with this whole Live 2.0 ordeal? I'm glad you asked. I'll get to that in a second. First I want to make sure that we are in agreement here....well are we? Are you reading my blog right now because you were on the path of one of the few I mentioned above?

This generation is getting smarter... quicker. A six year old girl operates a satellite TV remote control while Daddy is still fiddling with the manual trying to figure out how to adjust the TV's keystone. Convenience & Online are two words that are practically married right now, and in this blog, Live 2.0 will show you all the ways you can keep up with what is going on in the NOW... you know... the Web 2.0... Yea I figured you would catch on sooner or later. Online communities... online media.... online stores... online money/jobs.... we've actually created an online world! Stick with Live 2.0, and I can show you how to get the BEST out of this era and not miss a drop!

And why would you listen to me? Well that's because I'm actually on a quest right now. A quest that many my age, older than me, and much younger than me have already accomplished. The quest to making THOUSANDS of dollars a month online. I believe that without a doubt it's possible to achieve, however I'm not really the type of person that likes to wait many months for a business to bloom and take off. I want to start making big bucks NOW. So call me a bit unrealistic, but if you understand the laws of attraction like I do, you'll know that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

I currently only have $28.87 in my checking account, and $0.66 in my savings (Maybe I'm saving up for a pack of gum). My goal is to make at least $25,000 online by the end of February, or up to $40,000 before the beginning of Spring. YES! I SAID IT! My name is Ivy E. and starting today, December 4th, 2007, I begin my $Endeavor to Riches$!

Let me begin by telling you my story...

I'm a 20 year old College student who has been working from home as a freelance graphic/web designer for a little over a year now. I can say fairly I've made about... $3-$4,000 from what I did, but freelancing wasn't really something that guaranteed me a steady income. So then me, my sister, and 2 other business partners got together and put together a website (name will be revealed later) to which the profits would be split four ways. I was to be the graphic/web designer, my sister the marketer, business partner #1 would be the coder, and business partner #2 was basically the primary investor, in terms of funds and such.

As it happened, I actually ended up designing and creating the whole site using a CMS, and though that it would be the hard part. Not realizing marketing the godforsaken site burnt out about half of my frontal lobe! I went through learning about SEO, key words, myspace spamming, blog posts, yaddda yadda, and after that.... well, launching in August, and it now being December, 4 months later, the site has finally reached the top 100k in Alexa, and pulls in about $160 a week.... woopie....

EFF THAT! Pardon my french, I don't know about you, but if you've seen about $500 a month split 4 ways, you're better off selling paintings out of your faded-blue van on the corner of a major road. I've never been the type of teenager that fancied working at McDonalds or supermarkets.... I mean I did go to an interview to work at my local Neighborhood Wal Mart, but because of certain circumstances, I missed the job and wasn't able to apply at a Wal Mart for another whole year... (totally wasn't my fault). But that downfall led me to my first Graphic Design job, and another, and another. And you know what, I love working my own hours and being my own boss. I love being able to use my creativity to make my own money, and that's what I want out of life. To enjoy it while making the money I want.

I mean I know it takes websites a while to really bloom, but I want to start making a good income NOW. I see how much my Mom suffers waking up early in the morning, just to come back late at night, and we're BARELY making it by with the money she makes... That's not the kind of life that I want to live..., and when I do start making these big bucks, the first thing I'm going to do is make sure my mom stops working so hard and send her on a vacation!


Yea yea yea..... okay, so how am I going to get there? Well if you're reading this right now, and are on the same quest as me, the first thing I would advise you to do is remove your mind of any doubt or disbelief. Life really IS what you make it, and if you think that you have to work your little tush off just to make a decent living, then this blog isn't for you. If you think that you're too young to make up to 30k a month, then maybe the 17 y/o girl that makes $80,000 a month from is just a figment of my imagination. (Which is one of the things that inspired me by the way) You've got to know what you want, how much you want, and how fast you want it. Keep your eye on the prize as they always say, because the more you doubt, the more you fall short of your success and prolong your prosperity.

Look at me, speaking as if I've already made the riches. I haven't yet, but I will, VERY SOON! See how I speak in the future? That's VERY important towards success. Maybe I should start by telling you why I speak how I do, and how I do it, if that made sense at all.

I'm sure many of you have heard of the "Laws of Attraction" and if you haven't, you should probably Google it, I don't really have time to explain it all in detail. But in a nutshell, the Laws of Attraction states that anything you want in this world, you attract into your life by how you think. Even all that is already in your life, you've attracted into your life by the way you see life and how you have thought in the past. With that being said, what does that mean for an entrepreneur like me? That means if I keep my mind focused on the money I want to make, and even better how I want to make it, that money will attract to me and manifest in my life.

Knowing this, I've done a few things to encourage myself and to keep my eyes on the prize. I've printed out pictures of the car I want to drive, the huge house I want to live in, expensive furniture, a beautiful home office, new clothes, new shoes, $100 dollar bills, and an altered image of my bank statement that reads $24,500.72 in my checking account. These pictures are all pasted on my computer desk, so I see them everyday. The more you focus on and visualize what you want, the easier it is for the Universe to bring you what you want.

Okay, I guess that will be all for now. Tell a friend though if you think they would be interested in joining me in this quest, I know I would be!