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More research tomorrow

Sorry not much was posted today. The actual venture begins tomorrow! Besides my actual intro to the blog and money making basics, I'll post more tomorrow on what I've been doing so far to accomplish my goal of 5-figure income by spring. As you can see, since my launch on Tuesday I've been focusing primarily on getting traffic to my blog. The secret behind my traffic is definitely from the teachings of the blogger, John Chow. I've done everything from search engine submissions, to RSS submissions, blog posts, joined blog communities, advertised my blog via craigslist, technorati submission, posting comments on other blogs, link referrals, getting involved in forums, submitting my RSS feed to over 20 different sites, and Entrecard!!! Whew..... that was a big list. Search engine traffic hasn't even kicked in yet, but I do see great results so far with basic manual promotion. Check it out!

It's not much, but it will grow bigger in time! Getting blog traffic is definitely a lot different from getting traffic for my other website. That website focuses primarily on media people want to see, so it's a site practically for anyone. However, since my blog focuses on making money, I have to focus on getting in contact with those who... well, want to make money! You know, the determined folk! :) And I couldn't be happier having the opportunity to get to meet you all! I'll be researching to my best ability to bring the best resources to making great reoccurring income online. Also, if you're not shy, why not drop a comment and introduce yourself just to say hi.

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