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Overload, Sizzle, Idea!

So I've pretty much been researching my little tush off all day. I mean really, reading blogs authored by young entrepreneurs, experienced businessmen, you name it... It was until the very informative blog post of Paul the uberaffliate (, he mentions that instead of filling your brain constantly with all of the information... just do it just as Steven Kovar said... With that being said... I took about... a 15 minute break and since I was bored, began research again... then I took another break. I figure since I truly have the desire to create a successful online business, that it will come. Sure enough... it did! I do have a great idea right now that would probably only take me a short time to set up, purchase and execute. I will reveal the site once it has been launched, but in the mean time, preparation....

I've learned a lot upon reading the Uberaffiliates blog. For one, it does take a lot of money to successfully market your affiliate program, so I took a step down from that for a while and focused on something more simple. I think it would make more sense to let you know what my idea is after it has succeeded, but this is just idea number one! The next step to a great business plan is to ... well plan, accordingly. Gather resources, scripts, choose platform, mark your budget, etcetera, etcetera. But if you haven't yet, check out Paul's blog, his posts are extremely saturated with great info!