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What drives you?

The first time I mentioned to one of my friends the goals I want to reach next year financially, the reaction I received was a "Wow, good luck with that"... Thanks pal! :P. On a serious note, my friend mentioned how he wasn't driven enough for something like that, which got me thinking. What is the initial drive behind the minds of these entrepreneurs that pushes them to be successful?

Well, I suppose I can answer that question from my point of view, seeing as how I am one of those strong willed individuals. It's not necessarily the money or power running your own business, it's mostly the pride for me. Remember when you were a little kid in elementary school, and your teacher gave you an assignment to do a project completely based off of your creativity. You could have built a volcano, or sculpted Mount Everest out of paper mache' like what all the other kids were doing. Instead, you wanted to be different and build something bigger and better because creating is what you loved to do. You wanted so much to get an A on that project so you could say, "look mom! I got an A on this project I built from ground up!". That's kind of how it feels with me. I love being able to create something new. To build something completely from ground up, market it, and watch it grow and bloom into a successful business flower... or website... or what have you.

Most of you out there who probably have children young or older now, want to see your little boy or girl grow up to be successful men and women. You get up every morning to go to work to your full time job, just to put food on the table and to provide adequately for your children for them to be able to reach their goals. You are so driven to see their success, and the pride that follows will be, "hey... that's my kid right there... the Doctor. I raised him since he was a little baby... Now look at him."

Your drive can come from pride & love, or even anger & jealousy. However... the emotional foundation of your drive should probably be on more positive selfless intentions than one of vengeance.

"But Ivy, why 5-figures monthly? Why in such a short time frame? Are you unaware of how long it can take for a business to get that successful?" I hear you say. Fret not, if you believe it will take long for prosperity to meet you, then it will. Just keep your mind open, and your ideas fresh. You never know if your business may become the next big thing, so never limit yourself to short standards. Which leads me to my next post.... after these messages... I'm going to go get some breakfast.



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June 26, 2008 at 11:07 AM

Great read. I wish you luck in your endeavors for I am trying to do the same. I am a little older but I have this goal now. Good Luck
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